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Hurrah on the mountains!
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Why are people from the south countries more slim ?

Answer is easy, they live by more health life style. They eat better food, which is not rich on the fat and sugar. People from America and another development states have big problem with thickness. Czech republic has a problem with the thickness too, but it is not terrible like for example in America. Overthis Czech republic has no popular statistic numbers about increase number of  fat children.


Change live style is the first step, which must people do for resolution this problem Children must not eat much cakes and sweets form their childhood. Parents should say to their children how much sweets they can eat. They should eat sweets only like award. They should eat only sweets along the main , complex meal. Children need more energy / in form of sugar and fat/ for their growing.  This mass is limited . When children eat more than is limit, sugar and fats will not be used for body. It will be in put to the body fat. That is why weight increases.


 People in the south countries are more activ , than people in another states. Good is that it is more sun here and sea. .  People here like to do sports. ¨They can swim in the sea and by this they keep their body in the good form.  People are accustomed  to eat many sea fish and sea products. These are food , which is rich on iodine. It is very important element, which has important function in the metabolism. That is why you can see , that in the spain island some people are very slim. They have more iodine in the food, than is necessary. It is not good variation too. There is used olive oil in the south countries. It is the most health kind of oil , which is rich on every needed matters, which our body needs. Olive oil is used here not only to the salads, but for making warm meals too. It contains unsaturated fats, which are good for body health. Olive oil is compressed in cold form, that is why his quality is so high during the whole journey to the ending consumers.   Olive- fruit of olive tree must not catch on any table. Green or black olives are excellent delicacy. 


Czech people do not eat so much fishes. They prefer pork  meat and beef  meat. It is not good vote, because it is caloric meat without important element like is iodine and selen. Pork meat is dangerous because it is a toxic meat , which reduce absorb of calcium. Better  alternative is chicken meat or turkey meat.


Be slim without sport activitis  is almost not possible. You must have really good heredity gene. It is not necessary exercise like about life. It is important do some activity regulary. It is a lot kind of sports, which everybody can choose. Footbal, running, spinning, bicycle, exercise at gym, play tennis , basketball or vollebyall. If people do not do anything and only lying before TV is the worst. It is known, that watching TV is in indepence of eating not healh foods like chocolate, sweets and chips. Do not be lazy means half sucessfull in the fight with the thickness. Hard  will is important.


Diets are without the chance. It could mean only back efect and more kilos… Vegetable, fruits, quality cereals , fish and chicken meat. Eat less fat and sugar is target for being slim and in the excellent form.


Do not afraid go to the fight with your thickness! Do you think, that take out 10 kilos is crazy idea. It is possible, but not from one day to another day. It is possible give to your body time for being efect permanent.  You must help to your body being slim. It is condition follow healthy eating, sport activities and good psychical.

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 20 June, 2004.
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Gabriela Vávrů
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