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Why is so necessary leaarning to foreign languages?

It is true, that how many languages you know, so many you are men. Children learn languages  from time, they started to go to the school. Now it is popular learn language earlier. You can know girl or boy, which in the very young age learn English or Germany.


It is necessary to know at least one foreign language. It is important for future every man. Foreign languages are used at jobs , during the holiday on the journeys. English and Germany language are  the most spred for learning at the czech schools. Many states at abroad used for comunication with their bussines partners in another republics English or Germany language.


In the last time was learnt only Russina language at schools. It was done state orientation , czech government,totalitarian regime. Our republic was orientatet on the east , that is why russian language was so firmed up. After  downthrew of communism  in year 1989, russian language was crushed out and compensated for west languages like is English and Germany language.


In this time you can settle by these two languages in the majority seaside resorts on your holiday. English language is most spred language on all over the world. After year 1989 was opened foreign trade. It ment moving activities of czech bussinesmen to abroad.  More goods was imported from our republic to abroad and some another commodities exported to our republic.


Knowing foreign languages is on the first place together with knowing computers. These two subjects are the most important at school and your children should learn it very much. It starts to be popular learning more than these two languages. It comes on the scene France language, Spain language and Italy language. These are several jobs, in which you can used your language knowledges .  Secretary by firm with foreign capital , top – manager , worker of economy section, travel agencies , foreign trade  and many others.


What is easy to learn English or Germany? Everybody has different notion. English has easy grammar , but it is hard for pronunciation and intonation. Germany has harder grammer. Germany has seven cases same like czech language. It is not so much problem with pronunciation in germany.


You can notice, that people in foreign countries are pleased, when you can speak by their national  language. It is pelasant, when you can communicate  with foreigners  and understand them.  You need not be afraid, that , when you will have some proble in abroad , that you will stay without help.


English stood very actuail in the time, when Czech republic entered to Europe Union. It is new opportunities for working abroad. Young people have better conditions for studing at foreign  secondary schools and universities. People in Czech republic understood , that learn foreign langauge means to have open all world.


Latin is not foreign language. It is hostoric language. It is nice language, but it is dead now. It is not speaking anywhere by it . It is used for reading old book production in original language. Latin is used in the medical denominations and in the  expert deonominations of the plants.


It is managed, that man can learn more languages  from the infantile age It is good case, when parents are different nationality. Father can speak to his baby by different language than mother. In the finish view, child will learn speak and understand in two languages. Man will help better languages, when is young. Brain will learn better to new things. It does not mean, that old people can not learn languages. Old people , which did not learn English or germany in their school age, have problem with learning now. They must be patient and their effort will register a succesfull.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 22 June, 2004.
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Gabriela Vávrů
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