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Change your wardrobe on the summer.
Change your wardrobe on the summer.
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Let's See What We Have Here
Let's See What We Have Here
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 Do not forget on 14.February-it is St. Valentine Day.   Do not forget on 14.February-it is St. Valentine Day.   Gabriela Vávrů  14. February and the St. Valentine Day is coming- love fiestday.It is not the new of celebrate this fiestday. We can say, that this day start to celebrate here till after the revolution 1989,when the usings from the west-countires start to coming. St.Valentine Day will come to our republic from England. 
 Do you know, how right find your greatness of your breasts?   Do you know, how right find your greatness of your breasts?   Jiří Semenec  I was mistake by the mysterious calculation how find the greatness of their breasts, when I had read some articles with this theme.A lot of women do this like, that they will try the bra. But everything will change, so the greatness of the brat too. In this article you can find the tablet of confection sizes and the way for their fix- everything is easily- you need only tailor ´s meter. 
 Does your partner toleration you your friends?   Does your partner toleration you your friends?   Jiří Semenec  We have here the article, which it is, when the man have several girlfriends.It is not pleasant for most of us. So, if you are not the girlfriend. But how reaction has your partner on your freinds? 
 Change your wardrobe on the summer.   Change your wardrobe on the summer.   Gabriela Vávrů  I have not anything to wear. Men do not like to hear this sentence from their wives. There are two causes. It is anticipation of large financial expenses, because wife will go for shopping. It is almost sure, that wife will want to buy new summer hits to her wardrobe. 
 I love not only my bicycle.   I love not only my bicycle.   Jiří Semenec  We have the good chance for relaxation , if we forget on today crazy world aroud us. I am afraid not everybody can this. My work and private problems run to me on every step. 
 In which age is the best having family?   In which age is the best having family?   Gabriela Vávrů  Many couples postpone time for having first baby. There are more causes. Young people do not see perspective in the family. Border of birht first offspring is advanced on later time. At first young people want to travel and get to know new things. Travelling is better and easier for childless. Economic aspect is another cause for having baby in the later time. 
 Live with the man is for being crazy.   Live with the man is for being crazy.   Gabriela Vávrů  Did you happen, that you came home and instead of the nice,clean flat was everywhere many dirty and shamples. The men´s stock wilcomed you at the door, the shoes destyed from you dog in the living room and a lot of dirty dishes in the kitchen. The fridge is empty althought it was full, when you leave from the home in the morning. 
 Love   Love   Gabriela Vávrů  Love is word, which man understand from the birth day. Baby must feel sense of this word in the good functional family. We do not relaize love of our parents in the childhood and we take it like a matter of course. 
 Love will come after the fall in love.   Love will come after the fall in love.   Gabriela Vávrů  Maybe you have been the longer time with your partner and you start to watch, that something starto to change. You are asking, where take the mistake. You do not feeling the magic effect force of love, you do not exercise for being slim and atractive for him, when he shall come you do not cleaning before his visit. 
 Man or child?   Man or child?   Gabriela Vávrů  Do you proper to the part of women, which are just decide to have a baby? So , I hope, that his article will like you and you will will revalue your decision for the second. 
 Men call for attention.   Men call for attention.   Gabriela Vávrů  Are you over thirty year old and are you one of the women, which counts caloric food calibre before eating single bite? Do you even find amount sugars and fats in the food? Do you exercise very much for having size number 36? Do you exercise your abdomen every day for wearing sexy, model of dresses? Of course dresses, which shows more than it clothes. In short you grasp being younger and younger that reconcile with your increase age. Do you want to stop time or pause on the fixed age? 
 Men have their days too...   Men have their days too...   Gabriela Vávrů  You see sure the advetisement on Fernet stock- where the men drink this alcoholic drink on the balcony. we will smile, but this smile will chilly in the face, becuase the women will know true about this idiom in the end. 
 Puberty is a teaser, dear parents.   Puberty is a teaser, dear parents.   Gabriela Vávrů  Do you have doughter in the age about fifteen or sixteen years? So be ready for the worst. Puberty just enters to your life and it will not stay quite without consequences. You can expect, that your dought will come to see you her first love. You need not like this boy, but you can not do anything with this fact. You will not spend your free time with him. You can not be so worry, if he is not castayway of community. 
 Toleration you him his girlfriends?   Toleration you him his girlfriends?   Jiří Semenec  You know it that every man like the society and sometimes there are several girlfreinds among them. But what means this for you? 
 What can be the woman matter of course for men?   What can be the woman matter of course for men?   Gabriela Vávrů  Do you know the sensation, when everything you will make, the people around us take like the finish think.That he dish is washed, that the wear is washed the floor is clean and another, another things, which must do the women every day with the quite banal selfevidence. 
 When the man make a breakfast with woman.   When the man make a breakfast with woman.   Gabriela Vávrů  Karel Gott sings this sentence in his very known song. But if you are only a mistresses for the men you will not look forward the together breakfast. It is known, that the men does not make a breakfast with their mistresses in 98%, but they leave in the evening hours to their legal wifes. 
 When the men have climacterium.   When the men have climacterium.   Gabriela Vávrů  Is he nervous? Does he not agree with your opinions? does he like guarreling? And is he over fifty years old?So, know, that maybe your partner has the climacterium. You think, that the climacterium is matter only feminde? So, it is really mistake! 
 Where find the right,ideal man?   Where find the right,ideal man?   Gabriela Vávrů  You think, that you went the world step by step, but the man with him you want to spend the rest of live is not exist.You say, that any good man will not left for you. Better men are booked, it is pick over. 
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