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Positive and negative of exercise in the fit gym. Part III.
Positive and negative of exercise in the fit gym. Part III.
Do you like to taste various cook specialites|?

Every natives has its own specialites in the meal. It is known, that pasta, spaghetty and pizza are specialites from Italy state. Sushi and rice are from Japan state. Hamburger and hot dog are from America. Dumpling, pork meat and sauerkraut is Czech specialit.  Do you know more about Spain state in this region?

Spain state is known by meditterranean kitchen. It is used olive- oil , vegetable, sea products like shelfishes , crabs , prawns. Spain kitchen is very good for health and meals have perfect appetite. Snagria is best known spirit. You must appetite it , when you will be in Spain on some spain island / like canary islands/. Sangria is done from the red wine and served with the pieces of fruits and ice.  It exists champagne variaton too. Be carefull , it does not seem , but it is quite alcoholic drink. When the sun is shinning, it can climb very fast to the head.


Canary island. It was written very much about this spring islands, but only few people , which were not there want what waiting form the canary kitchen. Tomato , potatoes and fruits are stable produces of canary agriculture.  It must not catch fishes on the dinning- list. Tuna is served on various ways. We know here only tuna in the tin. It is not much quality tuna fish. Tuna is grilled or stewed with vegetable. Pieces of tuna are served like  cold salad with olive-oil , vegetable and olives. Another speciality are small potatoes , which are cooked in the salt water. They are named papayas. It is very delicious with canary national sauce. Canary people used two canary sauces. One of them is called mojo sauce. One sauce has green colour and one red colour. Red colour is done from chilli paprika and it is quite spicy. Green sauce is prepared from chestnut and special spice. These two sauces are good to fishes too.

Canary people like to eat sweets. They like cakes and another sugar delicy.  Egg cake is speciality from canary island. It is cake done , which has done corpus from egg and then is dipped to the caramel sugar. Bananas are adapted to more ways. You can taste cooking bananas or flambeau bananas with the special lemon sauce. Do you like suppers? Of course canary island has its national suppers. One kind is done from fishes and the other from the vegetables. Paella is another special not only canary, but spain meal too. It is meal from rice with various kinds of vegetable, sausages , fishes or products sea. It is similar to our risotto.. You can not forget t to taste special liqueur from canary island . It is a good present from your canary holiday. They are many bananas plantations in canary island. People produced many things from bananas. One of these products is banana liqueur. It is popular among canary women. Canary industry offers many canary originals products. Many of them are from food industry.  Are you fanatic to the jams and marmelade. You will come into one´s own. Marmelades and jams are produced from quality fresh fruits. I can advice fig´s  jam. It is really brilliant.


Spain inhabitans do not eat in time ,which is for us in Czech republic common. They start to go to their job later, than is usually in Europe. They wake up later too and apposite this, they go to sleep late evening. They like to celebrate , that is why they have else work time. They are starting to work from 10 a.m o ´clock. Shops are open during the noon and closed during afternoon pause. This pause is from 13.00 o´clock to 17 or 18.00 p.m  It is good systém for people here. They can go home or on the beach sunbathing during their pause. It is more comfortable live , than in Europe. When people had started after their afternoon pause they work to the late evening. It is common in the tourist center, where tourist go to streets for shopping in the evening time. Many small shops , galleries  and butiks are open. Supermarkets are closed. They have same work time like in Europe. They have designation supermercado in canary language.


Spain and canary kitchen has taste meals, which are light. It is good for stomach. It can better execute such feed. People should more eat such food, like is common consume in south states.

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