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Beauty of Orlické mountain.
Beauty of Orlické mountain.
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How choose a good hotel for your abroad holiday?

Many people decide how choose the best hotel for their abroad holiday. Choose hotel with breakfast and supper or with dinner too? What is better from financial point of view hotel with two stars , three stars or four stars? Will be visitor so satisfied, that it will be good for him choose hotel with four stars . It costs more investigations.


Czech people go to holiday abroad for one or two weeks in the year. People in the Czech republic do not earn so much money like another west states. Families must save money the whole year for could go to abroad holiday.


Many people go to east states for holiday like is Chorvatia or Bulgaria. It is much cheaper than go to Spain, Italy or spain islands. It is still popular go to holiday by bus or car. It is cheaper variaton than fly by plane.  Kurs of czech crown and kuna crown or lira is better , than kurs of EURO.  Economic situation is not very good in the Czech republic. We hope , that it will be better after Czech republic entered to Europe Union. We believe, that people here will earn more money than this time. When we look on standart wages of czech people it is only fragment of wages, which have people in the Germany republic.


Prognostic for future is , that czech people will fly more by planes. It is comfortable and faster way than by bus or car. In the fact to islands is not possible get by another way. Czech people travel to canary islands too. They like this island for their good wather in every season and for their good atmosphere of local people.


Offer of hotels from the travel agencies is really wide. People must count with fact, that what is hotel with 2 stars in west countries it is not same like in the east countires. Quality is about another else. Egypt, Thajsko and similiar country has worse quality of hotels and hygienic conditions are not so good like in west countries. It is better choose hotel with more stars.


Standart is hotel with 3 stars. It is done like apartmans or studias. Which are the differences?  Apartmans has only small room with bad, table and chairs  and bathroom of course. Apposite of this studias have kitchen with refrigerator. Guests can cook here.


When you will choose between hotel without meal and with breakfast and supper / it is the most using/, you must look on the fact, that staying without meal is much teuer thant with one. It  need not show so in the beginning, but after the staying you could be not fine surprise, how much money you spent for meal.  There is not possible for common czech family eat in the restaurants in the west states. It is really much expensive. Food is good to buy in supermarkets  and cook for them. It is better have payed breakfast and supper in the hotel, when you will be staying. It is comfortable and more economic. You need not cook. You will have much time for being on the beach or going for a trip. It is very popular breakfast and supper by sweden table. It means, that you can choose with several kinds of meals , which are offered in hotel. You can eat how much you want . It is not limited. Most hotels offer breakfast and supper in continential style. They want to adapt to their foreign visitors. You can choose from several kind of pastries, salamis , jams , cheeses, cakes  and musli for breakfast. Sometimes they do part of breakfast warm. It is eggs, sausage – classic English breakfast. Supper  is more colourful . You can choose main food and then from several kinds of salads, fruits , ice –creams  and sweets. Every country makes to offer something for its native meals. You can choose fishes , products of sea and local specialites. It is cook only several week during the staying.


It is not advantageous have dinner in the hotel. You will have more time without the dinner and you need not return to the hotel at twelve o´clock every day. You will save money too.


Hotels with the 4 stars are like the luxus hotels with overstandarts services. It is normal , that you have your own sunshade and deck-chair by the hotel swimming pool.  It is better meal in the hotel. You can choose from the more kinds of foods. Spirit is free of charge the whole day and some hotels offer free ice-creams during the whole day too. You have safe for your valuable things. You can let wash and ironing  your clothes .Hotels organize animation , funny programs for their clients. Dancing evenings are matter of course.


It depends only on you, how much money do you decide spent in your abroad holiday. Holiday is one in the year , isn ´t it?


Have a nice holiday in year 2004.

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1
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