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Music gives us happy.
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What take to the fit gym itself.

Do not forget the good mood and relish to the exercise.This two things will garante you that fruher or laster you will have the good efect from the exercise. Your friend or boyfriend can be very good motivation for you. It exercises in two better. If you do not want to go to fit gym, believe, that your friend will force you to go there . It will not go you through the excuse by her. So go to it at once and half is finished, how say one known proverb..

Give to your bag the sport wear. I write sport purposeful, because how you will feel at the exercise depend on clothez which you will wear too. It is not necessary buy expensive, sport equipment. Cheaper variations are good too. Buy quality , sport shoe is very important. It should be shoes , which do not pinch you anywhere or scrape you anywhere and such shoe which is suitable for indoor sports. Not professional saying for sports which are realized inside of the room not out. I know from my own experience, that good shoe is not to paying. Sooner than now I used shoe cheaper, but not very quality, which everybody can buy on the fair. I am afraid , how price such quality. So I was sorry crowns, which I spent. I had my leg very swollen , my ankle pains me and I had many water-blisters. It is not problem to go to one of many sports shop today and choose shoe not only along the sport activity, but along the design too. You can find the title of shoes, which are assign to special fitness sport.

Another important equipment are track-suits or better elastic trousers with the vest or top. It depends on you, in which you feel good with your bodily proportions. Here , there some kilos can lost in the elastic dress, but if you have more kilos it is better more free dress. It is important for you feeling pleasant in it and can do activities in it without the obstacle. I would recommend not use the brassieere under the top for women, which have less bust, because they will impede at the exercises on the reinforce of bust. Women with the bigger bust can buy the sport brassire , which is noted for free baskets without the whale bones. brassiere type push - up is the worst varation , which we can used. It will make you nice bust on the looking, but you can not exercise good the breast muscles and so you deprive you about the possibility reinforce the brust. By reinforce of the bust you can give to your breasts stouter and it can magnify them.

I recommend to buy the gloves for /posilování/. They are producer like unisex and they are different only by size.These gloves are similar like bicycle gloves and you can buy them in the shops with the sports equipments. When I started to exercise in the fit gym, so I thought, that the gloves on the hands of men are for being them dude. When I had exercise hard in fit gym for a half year , I was chastise by toils on my hands and that is why I changed my opinion on this thing. I had to buy one paar of gloves too. So , now I know, that gloves are not for fun , but it is necessary equipment for exercise in the fit gym without unnecessary , painful swellings. In the winter I used ligh vest with the long sleeves , which I can use in the start phase on the stacionar bicycle before your muscles will get warm and will be prepare for individual weight. Nothing is pleasant, if you have a cold and mucles pains unnecessary. You can have a piece of warmer clothes than you will get warm on the operational temperature and then you can take off the vest with long sleeves . I take the skin water and cotton -wool, because I will perspire by exercise and it is not pleasant , when perspiration will block you the pores on the face. You can have the dermatic problems. I must say the mistake, which do many percent of women. Do not go to fit gym with make up on your face. It is possible , that you will see it by some women, but if you want to exercise here hard for effective result /being slim, healthy etc./, please give on my advice. It is not really pleasant, when your make up or řasenka runs you under the perspiration. You can take the soap , shower gel or hair shampoo too. in every good fit gym should render you to wash after the exercise.

Some of the git gyms offer soap in the shower-bathin the basic of their standard equipments , but it need not be every condition. Take every two towels. One, which you will use like pad. It is from the hygienic reasons, you never know, who exercised on the exercise machine before you. The second reasons is , that you can do away the perspiration from your body. The second towel you will used after the exercise in the shower- bath. Somebody takes own water in the bottle. It means on the type of fit gym, if they provide you this possibility. Most of fit gyms offer various kinds of drinks, table and mineral waters too. Drinks are for cheap prices. Some fit gyms forbid to their clients take the drinks from home. It is from the reasons of receipts.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 07 November, 2002.
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Gabriela Vávrů
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