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Bettina Burghart
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How make a breakfast  best.
How make a breakfast best.
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 Animal not only for children-Zoo part II   Animal not only for children-Zoo part II   Gabriela Vávrů  We will say something little about the other, what you can see in this magic, beaufitull Zoo. 
 Animals not only for the children-ZOO part I.   Animals not only for the children-ZOO part I.   Gabriela Vávrů  You shold visit sure this magic place. It is sutable for the children, but it is beautifull for the adults too. This Zoo has the charakteristics magic in the way, which gives the pleasure for the people. 
 eauty of Orlické mountain.   eauty of Orlické mountain.   Gabriela Vávrů  Do you not know, where travel in the summer? Do you not have a money for abroad holiday? Persuade you about truth of affirmation , everywhere good, best at home. No, we do not make a humour. This affirmation need not mean, that the best is in your good cleaning living room, but it can mean beauty of czech country. Bohemia has so many nice places, which payed for being visited. 
 How  choose a good  hotel for your abroad holiday?   How choose a good hotel for your abroad holiday?   Gabriela Vávrů  Many people decide how choose the best hotel for their abroad holiday. Choose hotel with breakfast and supper or with dinner too? What is better from financial point of view hotel with two stars , three stars or four stars? Will be visitor so satisfied, that it will be good for him choose hotel with four stars . It costs more investigations. 
 Icod de Los Vinos-butterfly town.   Icod de Los Vinos-butterfly town.   Gabriela Vávrů  That is no only, how you can specificate this nice town, which is place in the notrht part of Teneriffe island. 
 In Sobotka on Saturday.   In Sobotka on Saturday.   Gabriela Vávrů  This small town is placed near Jicin town in the east of Czech republic on the way to the Mlada Boleslav town. 
 Jicin, tale town.   Jicin, tale town.   Gabriela Vávrů  Czech Jicin is a nice , smaller town, which is palce in the Podkrkonosi between tne New Paka and Turnov. It deserves the title tale town. Vaclav Ctvrtek writes about the Jicin stad in his book for children about the Rumcajs. The children know the known Jicin Tower, where the evil prince lived. 
 LORO PARK in Tenerife atraction not only for children.   LORO PARK in Tenerife atraction not only for children.   Gabriela Vávrů  If you decided to go to Tenerife Island, do not forget to visit Loro Pargue. It is the best known zoo atraction here in the island. Many visits visited this fun park every year. You can see here several animals like in the zoo. There is gorillas, shimpanz, tiger , pinguins, sea fishes and many kind of papagays. 
 Meeting with interesting people – from Canary island.   Meeting with interesting people – from Canary island.   Gabriela Vávrů  We met with Mr. Pavlos during our journey in Tenerfie Island, one of four canary islands.Mr. Pavlost is one of canary people living here. What is interesting on Mr. Pavlos? 
 Spain Costa Brava from the meal to the fun.   Spain Costa Brava from the meal to the fun.   Gabriela Vávrů  You can use your holiday on the full turn, becuase offer is large. Do you want ride by boat on the sea? It is nothing easilier. There are arranged sailing by boat around the fabulous castle twice a day. 
 Spain Costa Brava.   Spain Costa Brava.   Gabriela Vávrů  It is coming time of holiday, that is why we like to offer you for visiting a nice region of Spain Republic - Costa Brava. We invite you only virtual with the help of our web - pages, but if you like it you can change it to the fact. Many travel agencies offer a holiday on Costa Brava. 
 TENERIFFE, part II   TENERIFFE, part II   Gabriela Vávrů  If you visit some of the north resorts of Teneriffe, you will not manage enough money on the best hotel, but everything will be compensate in the shape of the rang vegetation. 
 TENERIFFE-island of eternal spring, plants and joys.   TENERIFFE-island of eternal spring, plants and joys.   Gabriela Vávrů  Let you go with us on the island, where the spirng in never finished, sea splashs and greens entices to the relaxation walking. 
 Where on the trip?   Where on the trip?   Gabriela Vávrů  It is a nice trip for whole family to go to Nove Mesto nad Metuji. Smaller town, which is situated near Nachod town is interesting by local castle and natural beauties, which are in the neighbourhood. 
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Pračlověk chodí po jeskyni a naštvaně říká: "Mám nějakou špatnou náladu, musím zabít mamuta." žena mu povídá: "Ale starej, na to přece nestačíš sám." "Máš pravdu, tak to ho musím aspoň zfackovat."

Správná žena má vypadat jako dívka, vystupovat jako dáma, uvažovat jako muž a dřít jako kůň.

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