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Refreshments in the fit gym.
Refreshments in the fit gym.
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Let's See What We Have Here
Let's See What We Have Here
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 Allergy on the foods- what with this sprad problem?   Allergy on the foods- what with this sprad problem?   Gabriela Vávrů  Alergii on the food has very many people of czech population.We became used on the alegriies from dust or pollen. The flowers and trees will become blossoming, home animals will give away from the home, dust will destroy by cleaning, but eat? We must eat... 
 Vegetarian - only vegetable, it perhaps not!   Vegetarian - only vegetable, it perhaps not!   Gabriela Vávrů  All population want to eat by the helath lifestyle. Healt foodplan is not spread among the population only with the help of televison and wirelles mediums, but like the part of every sports activities too. 
 Why are people from the south countries more slim ?   Why are people from the south countries more slim ?   Gabriela Vávrů  Answer is easy, they live by more health life style. They eat better food, which is not rich on the fat and sugar. People from America and another development states have big problem with thickness. Czech republic has a problem with the thickness too, but it is not terrible like for example in America. Overthis Czech republic has no popular statistic numbers about increase number of fat children. 
 I decided to be slim,but what next. Part II.   I decided to be slim,but what next. Part II.   Gabriela Vávrů  Any evasion and daringly to this. It is your decision, how you will live. And what live so way for being happy and satisfied. 
 Appetite and whole fridge shakes!   Appetite and whole fridge shakes!   Gabriela Vávrů  Appetite is the most often reason, why we succumb every day to fat and sweet meals. 
 How make a breakfast  best.   How make a breakfast best.   Gabriela Vávrů  Breakfast is the most important eat of the whole day.You should not forget to make a breakfast. We should start our organism by new energy. 
 Do you have a coffee?   Do you have a coffee?   Gabriela Vávrů  Coffee is very popular drink on all over the world. It is known by its encouraging effect force on the people organism. It is found by people from manager, clearks, riders and sports profesion.It is legal for given us energy and so our brain is agile and more in the perception. You sure know it , when you will wake up very tired after the long night...- coffee will help you. 
 Racional foods. Part II.   Racional foods. Part II.   Gabriela Vávrů  Comparison the white croissant and dark coissant. White croissant is produced from the classic wheat flour,but dark corissant is produced from the rye flour. Another kinds of flours will exist like it is popcorn flour, soya flour. The classic croissant /white/ will give us fast source of energy. 
 Do you buy in the second hands?   Do you buy in the second hands?   Gabriela Vávrů  Do you buy in the second hands?It is known, that some known celebrities buys some pieces of their clothes in the second hand shops. You need to be bashful, that you come to this shops. 
 My first diet- part I.   My first diet- part I.   Gabriela Vávrů  Do you remember, when you started your first diet? How old were you and why you decided for diet? 
 Emulsifier, hidden hazard   Emulsifier, hidden hazard   Gabriela Vávrů  Do you want to buy some sweet to your children? Do you like biscuits, chips or bonbons? Are you afraid of surplus wieght and this is why you do not consume these products? 
 Send old years away..   Send old years away..   Gabriela Vávrů  Every woman want to be pretty. But everybody knows, that young is not forever.So we must deserve for being young ourselves.We must help to our body for being young. Are you thirty old year? Do not be alarm. It is not any problem. Are you afraid that your metabolic system is slow and that you have the first wrinkles? Do not be afraid, it does not mean, that you will be old, thick woman with the wrinkl face. 
 When the men is slim.   When the men is slim.   Gabriela Vávrů  Every woman want to be slim. Be slim is attractive on the all over the world. Who is slim, it is beauty and healt. A lot of women try many diets during their life. They want reduce the weight, reduce size of their girth and thighs. Some women are too slim- other women can envy them, but for too slim women can their slimness big problem. 
 Be pretty not mean be slim!   Be pretty not mean be slim!   Gabriela Vávrů  Every women want to fell sexy and look the best like Claudia Shiffer or another world best-known model girl.It is sad, tha the ideo of beuaty is an idea of being slim.If I am slim, I am beauty, sexy and atracttive for men. 
 FAST FOOD yes, or no?!   FAST FOOD yes, or no?!   Gabriela Vávrů  Fast food reataurand is usually in every biger towns and cities. 
 Sugars/ sacharides/ carbohydrates.   Sugars/ sacharides/ carbohydrates.   Gabriela Vávrů  Foods, which are rich on the sugars are very important like source of energy for people, which do the sport acitvities. It is important the sacharides no a lot of fats, that is why the cakes, cookies and another sweets are not suitable like source of sacharides. 
 First bold step for the idea figure.Part II.   First bold step for the idea figure.Part II.   Gabriela Vávrů  Forget on terrible diets! Have you already seen some similar anywhere? Are you bore by this speaking,becuase you do not manage to be slim. Nothing is lost. 
 Help, I am fat.   Help, I am fat.   Gabriela Vávrů  I am omnivore. I eat everything and with the big taste. Pay attention, I am not pig , but women with the twenty kilos surplus weight , two hyperactiv children and one earning husband. Maybe this or similar could introduce older women with the depressions and without enough self- assurance. This is a picture of women, which is not satisfied with her obese figure. 
 Can I eat healty, when I can not cook?   Can I eat healty, when I can not cook?   Gabriela Vávrů  Is it possble eat healthy from the freeze, before doing meals, which we can buy in the supermarkets like are pizza, hamburgers,dehydrate soaps or tins?Every housewife has this question, when the Saturday lunch will finished in the basket, becuase it is not for eating. 
 How much eat for having enough energy?   How much eat for having enough energy?   Gabriela Vávrů  It is individual matter how many meal we eat during the day.We must take respect for our age and the sex of consumers. 
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