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Jeans are not dead pieces of the clothes.
Jeans are not dead pieces of the clothes.
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Let's See What We Have Here
Let's See What We Have Here
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 Smoking and sport.   Smoking and sport.   Gabriela Vávrů  These two words can not be together. The professional sportman or recreation sportman shoudl not smoke. Smoking is harmful and we can get cancer. Cancer is not a single illnes, another is illnes of our breathing apparatus. It is a pity, that a lot of spor men smoking. It is common, that you will meet young, hansome boy with the cigarette in his hands. This same boy exercised hard training in the fit gym two hours ago. 
 Sugars/ sacharides/ carbohydrates.   Sugars/ sacharides/ carbohydrates.   Gabriela Vávrů  Foods, which are rich on the sugars are very important like source of energy for people, which do the sport acitvities. It is important the sacharides no a lot of fats, that is why the cakes, cookies and another sweets are not suitable like source of sacharides. 
 Vegetarian - only vegetable, it perhaps not!   Vegetarian - only vegetable, it perhaps not!   Gabriela Vávrů  All population want to eat by the helath lifestyle. Healt foodplan is not spread among the population only with the help of televison and wirelles mediums, but like the part of every sports activities too. 
 Vitamins and minerals.   Vitamins and minerals.   Gabriela Vávrů  Our organism need vitamins and minerals.It is possible use prevent vitamins and minerals in the nature form or like suplements. I think, that better are natural vitamins and minerals in the food that in suplements form. 
 We do not eat fruits and vegetable.   We do not eat fruits and vegetable.   Gabriela Vávrů  It is true, that most people of czech population do not like vegetable and fruits in their food plan. Is the origin in the czech kutchen - czech knodel and consistent sauces or can for this problem the politic situation in the years before 1989? 
 We do not need so much pork meat.   We do not need so much pork meat.   Gabriela Vávrů  You know it, it is saying till never cake, till never piece of pork meat.And when the opportunity coming we smack on the whipped cream or pork meat. There are very not healthy meals. 
 When the men is slim.   When the men is slim.   Gabriela Vávrů  Every woman want to be slim. Be slim is attractive on the all over the world. Who is slim, it is beauty and healt. A lot of women try many diets during their life. They want reduce the weight, reduce size of their girth and thighs. Some women are too slim- other women can envy them, but for too slim women can their slimness big problem. 
 Why are people from the south countries more slim ?   Why are people from the south countries more slim ?   Gabriela Vávrů  Answer is easy, they live by more health life style. They eat better food, which is not rich on the fat and sugar. People from America and another development states have big problem with thickness. Czech republic has a problem with the thickness too, but it is not terrible like for example in America. Overthis Czech republic has no popular statistic numbers about increase number of fat children. 
 Why we like chocolate?   Why we like chocolate?   Gabriela Vávrů  Why women like so much chocolate? There are many people among us, which are depended on chocolate. It is not illness, but we can form very easy a habit on chocolate. 
 You decided to slim, but what next. Part I.   You decided to slim, but what next. Part I.   Gabriela Vávrů  The fact, that you decided to reduce your weight and think about it is the first little step to your sucessfull. 
 You say too, never sweet- och, cake!   You say too, never sweet- och, cake!   Gabriela Vávrů  Regimen- it is the word, which we can read on the tables in medical surgeries. We are afraid, that for being healthy, slim and beuaty we will have to cancel eating every dainties after which we long for. 
 Young and grow up...   Young and grow up...   Gabriela Vávrů  Many girls in teenager age want to look pretty. They try to look like their ideals from the film and television world. Singers or acterss. 
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