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Cindy Elsliger
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Why are people from the south countries more slim ?
Why are people from the south countries more slim ?
How shall take care of herself every women.

Nobody doubts about fact, that women must take  care obout themselves. They want to stay young for a long time  and it means take care about the body. It is quite normal, that women from the development states visit cosmetic, hairdresser, chiropodist every month. They go to exercise to fitness gym and attend to various sport´ s activities.


Czech women start to orient in the offer of this services. It is question of money. Some of the women still stay home and doing their hair style home themselves. They do not visit fitness gyms and exercise home or noway.


It is a bad entrance from the last time, when bussines not existed and this services was not so usually like now. Every woman should do time for herself. It does not mean spending much money. You can go to hairdresser one during two months. Women should  have a rest at visiting of this services.


It is very important for women not only after physical form , but after mental form. Exercise is good for health and good condition. There is large choice between various fitness gym and other  sport , service centers. Women can do aerobic, spinning or bodybuilding. These is an indoor  swimming pool in every higher town. It is very good relax activity for women. Swimming is perfect for knuckeblones and aching back.


Women are feeling fine , when they look beautifull and are satisfied with themselves. Of course, they do not do it only for themselves, but for their husband and environment too. They want to be atracttive and feeling ageless.


It is commendable doing sport to the late age. Sport can help us being health and without illness. Looks pretty is duty of every women. Employers pose an emphasis on the looks of their employees. It is common , that employers chooses their employees along looks too. Knowledges and work commitments are important too  Who wants bad- looking secretary?  Employers know good, that looks of their workers can affect their job in the communication of their clients.  Manner and style are important too, but first image will do many…


Good style and looks is very important for career in region top- managemen or public relations. Men know this too, that is why men from management position start visiting cosmetic services and nail studios.  It is fact, that many people look on the hand of person with they comunication. Good looking nails on the hands are good visiting card of every manager.  Money , which are invested to the looks, will pay.

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Gabriela Vávrů
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