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Models and their perfection.
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How prevent harm of the body.Part I.

The execrise can prepare us the not pleasure surprise, if it is do the bad way. The pain of muscles is one of the smallest.The momentous are injury of the muscles or theirs rip. Another the second problem is the pain of the back and complete exhaust of the organism. It will be the best to specification the single harm of the organism from the speaking parts.

Paiful of the muscles.

Painful of the muscles is more often make by pulled muscles in the reasion of exercise very often and with the not suitable weights or without the sufficient warming of the muscles. We can prevent of this unpleasant situation. We must sufficient warming the muscles before the training. Another step is in choosing of suitable weights with which we will exercise. We can warming the muscles on the stacionare bicycle or on the running waist. I am sure, that the small fit gyms will have the stacionare bicycle too! Running waist is not common in every small fit gyms. We can warming the muscles on the machine- stepper- from the englisch word /step/. Stepper, because it is possible walk on it like to the step. It is the perfect machine for the forming back. The best way is warming during the time 5-15 minutes. It should be sufficient for preparing muscles on the quality training.

Necessary complement for preparing the muscles is stretching too. Stretching should do before the training and after the training too. Stretching is good before the training for the preparing muscles and in the end of the training can help us disengage the muscles after the achievement. By this way we can spend unpleasant pains, which are often in the reasion of overload muscles from the hard , ruine training. Muscle, which will not stretch after the achievemnt- pains. It is right, that stretching is very important in the sport actvities. Do not underestimate stretching. Spend time does not pay for this. Do stretching 5-10 minutes before the training and after the training. I recommend do stretching a bit longer. I have often painful legs myself, so that is why, I must do stretching longer time and more carefully. Every body must know its body and know, what its body wants... We will write about the various forms of stretching details in the future sometimes.

Another prevent agains of pulled muscles is choosed the right weight, which is suitable for your organism. It is self-evident, that women will not rise such huge weights like men. Exception are the professional bodybuildings. The same pays in the comparison of the bigginers and folow sportwomen, which have been exercising for several years. Everything wants its time and it is not true, that you can look like Arnold Schwarzeneger during one night. It is the most often reason for men exercise with the huge weights / in the form of weights on the pulley or in the form of dumbbells,/ If you have such man home, try to explain him, that it is not good way how become strong and sinewy. He can have only health problems, nothing more. Muscle can rip or even crack and it is very painful. This hurt must treat a doctor.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 18 November, 2002.
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 How prevent  harm of the body.Part I.   How prevent harm of the body.Part I. 
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