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Do you sunbathe stark-naked?
Do you sunbathe stark-naked?
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Unser Angebot
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 Before you will go on our first bicykle riding after the Winter.   Before you will go on our first bicykle riding after the Winter.   Gabriela Vávrů  If you are the people, which will ride on the bicycle with the first flash of the sun and ride for the adventure , this article is written for you. 
 Do you like better running ski or congress ski?   Do you like better running ski or congress ski?   Jiří Semenec  I am sure, that you will agree me, when I will say that skiing is a beautifull sport. But you must not broken your leg. It seems to be a lot of snow this winter. I quess, that you did not see on the mountain hill , so do it quickly, it is till time. 
 Fit gym in the nature.   Fit gym in the nature.   Jiří Semenec  The people from the town have some else activities for relaxation then the people on the villages. They like working on the garden and in the nature. If you have not the house or piece of land by the fotball plan at the Grandmother, you need not worry your body much. 
 Hurrah on the mountains!   Hurrah on the mountains!   Jiří Semenec  Are you hurry up on the downhill course,where is much snow? Yes, the winter ´s sports are so nice and nobody can say, that it is not true, but you must not stand two hours in the row by ski-tow. 
 Ruler skates it is the right!   Ruler skates it is the right!   Gabriela Vávrů  It is very good doing sport out. It is most spread in the spring and in the summer seasons. It is good wheather for out acitvities. People are better with this in the north countries, where is sunny day more often. We could use every minutes, when sun is shinning and invites us outside. 
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Joke for smile:

Manželka má v posteli milence. Užívají si jedna radost... ale se vrátil manžel. Milenec se schová do skříně a jelikož mu je zima, obleče si kožich, který našel. Netroufá si vyjít ven, ale po hodině to nevydrží a ze skříně vyleze. Uvidí ho manžel. "Hej kdo seš?" "Já jsem mol" "No ale... co ten kožich" "Ten... ten sežeru doma"

Láska je druh války.
(Publius Ovidius Naso)

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