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Abdomen,thights,back-it is horror!
Abdomen,thights,back-it is horror!
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You can exercise in every age.

Yes, it si really never late and never early.The man can exercise from the child age till to the old age. If you start early, the exercise will be for you contribution for your life and it will be the constituent of your life. It will be normal, that you will exercise twice in week. It suffice only get used to definite system. You have won, when you will get used on this system regulary.Young children get used to new things fast.If you are lucky man, which were forced by parents to sport activities, when you were children, I believe, that sport is not a problem for you in the adult age. Few people has the right attitude towards exercise from the childhood.

It is know often the resitstnece to the sport from the not suitable access.It suffice the bad teacher of gymnastics, which make fun of less efficient children before the others and the problem is on the world.

Young women exercise, because they want to have the nice figure. They have the definite target.They want to be slim, to have flat abdomen, reduce capacity of the thighs- they want to look the more attractive for their surroundings and opposite sexual. The second period, when women deside to do the sport is after the pregnancy. Target is reduce superfluous kilos, which stayed after the maternity.

Every age and period of women life carries different targets, differents motivations to the sport activity. Sometimes, older women must to start exercise along the advice of their doctor, because they can have the health problems. More kilos are on the inconvenience by diabetics, peole with the ill heard and older people. Obesity part of inhabitants is predisposed to the various civilization illness /like is diabetes, infarkt, swell of the legs etc./

Arguments could be not finished, why start to do something with your body with the help of sport activities. You must look to the fact, in which physical condition do you have and if you had have done some sports activities in the last times.

There are a lot of differents between the man, which did the sports and man which has never do any sport. Fourthy years old woman, which did not do any sport in the last time , can not do the sport the same way like the women twenty years old , which is used to sport every day. Such older woman have to start with the sport slowly - step by step.

In the older age is good do the health exercise. Light exercises on the pad or stretching exercises.Target is to have good funcitons of bodily organs and support consistency of the bones. They sustain, when they have not quality activities and enought calcium. It is not problem only the old people, but the young women too. It is possible prevent to this problem.

Besides health exercise can older people take care of their health by relaxations methods. Yoga belongs among these methods. It is very popular in the last time.

It is really possible exercise in every age.Psychical strain and good feeling from the activities are important. Then it is not important, if you ride on the bicycle, jump by aerobic activities, exercise in the fit gym or go for a mountain walk.

Many acitvities and sun wish you the edition of -Fitnesska.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 27 November, 2002.
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Gabriela Vávrů
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