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Danielle Bird
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Do not afraid going to the restaurand, you need not be thick?
Do not afraid going to the restaurand, you need not be thick?
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Unser Angebot
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 Bake fish.   Bake fish.   Jiří Semenec  Bake fish for examply with the cheese or vegetable is good too. So,here is something little for inspiration. 
 Carp for the weekend.   Carp for the weekend.   Jiří Semenec  Carp is very good fish not only at the christmas holidays. We can cook it like the dinner on the weekend. 
 Do you like to taste various cook specialites|?   Do you like to taste various cook specialites|?   Gabriela Vávrů  Every natives has its own specialites in the meal. It is known, that pasta, spaghetty and pizza are specialites from Italy state. Sushi and rice are from Japan state. Hamburger and hot dog are from America. Dumpling, pork meat and sauerkraut is Czech specialit. Do you know more about Spain state in this region? 
 Frying fish not only like the supper.   Frying fish not only like the supper.   Gabriela Vávrů  Frying firsh is simple for cooking and it is little less attack than ocupates... 
 Makrela   Makrela   Jiří Semenec  Another recipes from the fish delicacy- now something from Makrela. 
 Octopus on the plate.   Octopus on the plate.   Jiří Semenec  It is possible eat the octopus. I do not like them, but my girlfriend smack. 
 Palatable chicken- par III.   Palatable chicken- par III.   Jiří Semenec  Chicken meat on the strip and another palatable recipes. 
 Palatable chicken- part I.   Palatable chicken- part I.   Jiří Semenec  Three small recipes with the chicken meat. 
 Palatable chicken- part II.   Palatable chicken- part II.   Jiří Semenec  Another three recipes with the chicken meat. 
 Palatable chicken- Part IV.   Palatable chicken- Part IV.   Jiří Semenec  Another recipes- chicken breast. 
 Palatable chicken- part V.-finish.   Palatable chicken- part V.-finish.   Jiří Semenec  Now we will cook filling turkey-hen. 
 Pike, delicacy from our rivers.   Pike, delicacy from our rivers.   Jiří Semenec  Recipes with the pike. Not common, but excellent delicacy. We recommend to everybody. 
 Recipes from the gift sea   Recipes from the gift sea   Jiří Semenec  Recipes from the gift sea. 
 Scampi.   Scampi.   Jiří Semenec  You know the scampi sure and I believe, that they will you smack. 
 Soya meat on the vegetable.   Soya meat on the vegetable.   Gabriela Vávrů  Soya meat on the vegetable is very healthy delicacy. 
 Vegetable salads I.   Vegetable salads I.   Jiří Semenec  It is good remember on some recipes of vegetable salats, becuase it is good, light meal before your visit of fit gym or after the fit gym. 
 Vegetable salads II.   Vegetable salads II.   Jiří Semenec  Another recipes for the light dinner tea or supper. 
 Vegetable sald with the tuna fish.   Vegetable sald with the tuna fish.   Gabriela Vávrů  Vegetable salad with the tuna fish is very favourite for the bodybuilding or fitness people, because the tuna fish has very much proteins. 
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Danielle Bird